Pacific Gas and Electric Company

Newark - Ravenswood 230kV Reconductor Project

Wilson performed installation and the testing and commissioning of all equipment for the Newark – Ravenswood 230kV transmission line reconductor project. The project included approximately seven miles of double-circuit 230kV overhead transmission line in the San Francisco Bay area. 


Wilson replaced conductor, installed tubular steel poles, removed wood poles, and performed substation work. The pre-existing line was supported by lattice steel towers. The old conductor was fragile. Crews used extreme care to remove conductor safely.

The line began at Newark Substation, traversed over some of the most inaccessible land in the San Francisco Bay area and crossed the Dumbarton Bridge. Due to limited access, including work performed over the Don Edwards Wildlife Refuge and Cargill Salt Ponds, the majority of work was done via helicopter and from multiple barges. Wilson crews used matting to work productively and adhere to environmentally restrictive access area requirements.

The project included many congested areas and crossed multiple 115kV lines. Therefore, heavy guard structures involving netting and steel poles were required.

Project success relied heavily on Wilson's ability to coordinate with railroad owners, Caltrans, US Coast Guard, City and Water District regulations.