About Us

Wilson Construction Company specializes in the design and construction of vital electric utility infrastructure needed by power providers across the United States and beyond. We provide infinite solutions and exceptional results for our satisfied clients through a collaborative team environment. Wilson has worked on projects across the United States and in Canada, American Samoa, and Indonesia.

With headquarters located in Canby, Oregon, Wilson’s expansive team delivers industry-leading services: 

  • We design, build, and repair overhead and underground transmission and distribution transmission infrastructure.
  • We engineer, drill, and perform grading for substation and switchyard construction.
  • We maintain a strength of over 2,000 pieces of highly diversified and specialized rolling equipment.
  • We pilot an in-house fleet of 12 helicopters.
  • We are a collective workforce of over 800+ highly qualified personnel.
  • We own the resources to tackle even the most complex needs of our clients in an ever-changing industry while upholding the highest standards in project safety, quality, and production.
  • We are a union contractor affiliated with the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW).


Our 70+ years of continued collaboration and partnered success with power providers are attributable to our deeply rooted industry upbringing. In 1952, Matt O. Wilson began laying the solid foundations for Wilson Construction in Troutdale, Oregon.  Matt and his small crew worked to install powerlines for the Rural Electric Administration, which first brought electricity to farms in Oregon and Washington.

Knowing that sturdy equipment and hard workers were essential to success, Matt worked hard to find and hold onto the best personnel.  Matt’s son and current CEO of Wilson Construction, Don Wilson, came to work for the company in 1974.  Matt taught Don that experienced personnel, the ability to adapt to industry changes, and ongoing flexibility were essential building blocks to the successful safety, quality and cost philosophies the company embodies today.  Now, President Stacy Wilson is the third generation of the family to guide the firm to the forefront of electrical utility construction.  Grown from small beginnings, and continuing its family-owned tradition, the firm is now one of the largest privately held utility construction companies in the region.

We currently maintain offices in Washington, Oregon, California, New Mexico, Arizona, and Pennsylvania.


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