Electrical District 3

Emergency Storm Work, AZ

Wilson crews responded to an emergency call for assistance at 2 a.m. on July 1, 2015, when a "microburst" storm damaged Electrical District 3 (ED3) facilities and put crop and dairy farms at risk.

Our teams worked a 24-hour shift, replacing three 69kV structures with 12kV underbuild. The structures had been snapped in half from violent winds and needed to be fixed in order for crews to straighten several other 69kV poles adjacent to a nearby irrigation canal.

On July 2, Wilson personnel coordinated a shutdown of the irrigation canal and an outage with line owners to begin repairs on leaning poles. The potential for catastrophic crop loss due to lack of water was a huge risk. But Wilson personnel worked in tandem with water district personnel to make repairs to the damaged irrigation canal and restore power.

Temperatures during the day exceeded 105 degrees. Yet, Wilson crews worked with no injuries, no heat exhaustion, and no damage to equipment.