First Solar

AV Solar Ranch 1 Project, 233kV Underground Transmission Line, CA

Wilson furnished and installed 11,500 feet of transmission duct bank and seven transmission vaults. The work also included the installation of 34,500 feet of owner-provided 230kV 2500kcmil AL cable and the support of the cable manufacturer with jointing of splices (18 ea.) and terminations (12 ea.). Wilson teamed with a Southern California civil subcontractor experienced with local conditions for the installation of the duct bank.

Permitting delays led to a late start on an already aggressive schedule. Hot temperatures and the nearly constant presence of wind (the Antelope Valley is a hotbed for Renewable Energy Development) created difficult work conditions. Dust control and environmental compliance was critical. Unique challenges that Wilson overcame on this project included three tall riser structures requiring full scaffolding with stairs shrink wrapped for protection from the environment while performing termination work. Aluminum cable conductor created a challenge to splicing activities in confined space (vaults) which required the workers to be trained and certified in the use of SCBA (self-contained breathing apparatus) to perform work on supplied air.