Calpine Corporation

Los Medanos Energy Center/Delta Energy Center OSBL Electrical Underground and Overhead Transmission Lines, CA

This fast-track EPC contract included the 115kV and 230kV transmission lines interconnect for the Los Medanos Energy Center (LMEC) and Delta Energy Center (DEC). Both the LMEC (500MW) and the DEC (880MW) plants are combined cycle cogeneration plants. The LMEC interconnect involved approximately 5,000 feet of overhead and 5,000 feet of underground 115kV transmission line. This two-circuit line included overhead bundled 2300kCMIL and underground 3000kCMIL with two conductors per phase.

The underground portion was completed with two splice points in the circuit and approximately 60,000 feet of solid dielectric cable. The base contract included only the underground portion of the DEC 230kV interconnect and utilized 2500kCMIL conductor with two circuits and two conductors per phase. The DEC line required five splice points and involved approximately 120,000 feet of solid dielectric cable.