Distribution Construction

Wilson’s collaborative team understands the special considerations necessary to install, repair, or maintain distribution systems in terms of safety, operations, cost, future upgrades, and environmental impacts. We provide competitive pricing, experienced personnel, and quality results to our clients’ electrical distribution operations. 

Working through relentless heat, steep and rocky terrain, and deteriorating poles, Wilson successfully replaced approximately one mile of #2 ACSR, 20 wood poles, service wire, and various transformers. Throughout the…

Avista Utilities

Wilbur 12F2 Feeder Project, WA.
Wilson mobilized for multiple work orders which were part of Avista Utilities Grid Modernization project, improving the reliability of Avista's electrical distribution system.

Avista Utilities

Northport Spirit 12F2 Feeder Rebuild Project, WA
Wilson operated on multiple work orders that encompassed a variety of work near Northport, Washington, as part of Avista Utilities Grid Modernization project. Wilson removed more than 16 miles of…