Arizona Public Service Company

Delaney and Sun Valley 500kV Substations, AZ

Wilson constructed two 500kV substations intended to strengthen reliable energy needed for the Phoenix metropolitan area.

Sun Valley Substation

Wilson constructed a new 500/230kV substation, which included 35 acres of fenced area on a 98-acre site.

Substation installation included the following:

  • Three-breaker 500kV ring bus with terminations for two 500kV lines and an autotransformer
  • One 500kV 170-MVAR shunt reactor connected to the bus through its own breaker
  • 500/230kV-34.5kV 672-MVA autotransformer
  • Four-breaker 230kV ring bus with termination for three 230kV lines and an autotransformer
  • Over 3,200 lf. of Trenwa.
  • Five 100-ft. A-frames for 500kV and six 60-ft. A-frames for 230kV
  • Pulling 148,000 lf. of control cable

Crews also installed station service, lighting, security, and other facilities to provide a complete working substation. In addition to installing substation equipment, work included site development, access roads, and landscaping.

Delaney Substation

This 500kV substation included a developed and enclosed 27-acre area.

Crews installed dead-end towers, bus work, and disconnects to create a main bus with switched taps to each line and switches to allow future construction. Doing so provided terminations of the Palo Verde – Delaney Line and the Delaney – Sun Valley Line.

Wilson also installed a 69/12kV power transformer, 12kV/480V station service transformer, switchgear, conduit, wire, and other materials.