Three Peaks Substation, UT

Wilson began work on this design-and-build 345/138kV substation in the early spring of 2009. The 345kV breaker-and-a-half configuration consisted of two bays that included two 345kV line terminals, one 345/138kV transformer terminal, one 345kV shunt reactor, and one 345kV series capacitor bank. The 138kV yard included two 138kV circuit breakers and a 30 MVAR shunt capacitor bank. A common control building was located in the center of the yard.

The 345kV Sigurd–Red Butte transmission line was intercepted and routed in and out of the new Three Peaks Substation. Phase transposition structures were designed and installed in two locations on the 345kV line. This contract included the addition of a 138kV line position, the rework of an existing 138kV transmission line at the West Cedar Substation, and the replacement of existing wave traps, line tuner, and supply of C&R panels at the Sigurd and Red Butte Substations. Over 6 miles of 138kV line were designed and built from the new Three Peaks Substation to the existing WECCO location. The substation is located on approximately 40 acres near Cedar City, Utah.