Pacific Gas and Electric Company

Geysers 115kV and 230kV NERC Mitigation

Wilson made structure modifications to 17 single and double circuit transmission towers, including six top cage extensions and one waist cage extension, on 115kV and 230kV transmission lines throughout the Geyers, the world's largest geothermal field.

Wilson crews finished additional work during one outage, which allowed for early project completion and prevented any need for a second outage.

The energy supplied by the Geyers provides electricity to much of the coastal regions between the Golden Gate Bridge and the Oregon-California state line. Because of the remote location and terrain, Wilson used a company-owned helicopter to bring crews and equipment to structures and worksites as well as lift smaller steel tower pieces into place.

Wilson coordinated with a subcontractor to use a Blackhawk helicopter to install the top cage extensions.

Wilson project management, both in the field and off-site, maintained communication with PG&E regarding bird surveys and approvals for road work to avert surprises in the schedule to Wilson, the subcontractors, and PG&E.