Portland General Electric

Port Westward - Trojan #1, OR

Wilson crews battled continual rains, muddy site conditions, changes in design for the installation of new wetland structures, and ingress/egress challenges along the right-of-way to successfully complete the Port Westward – Trojan #1 project.

Wilson installed nearly 9 miles new 2156 "Bluebird" conductor. Our crews also reinsulated the 230kV transmission line and replaced 11 H-frame wood tangent structures and 10 three-pole steel dead-end structures.

Crews took on the challenge while traversing steep terrain, heavy ruts, and a natural gas pipeline that navigates the center corridor of two 230kV transmission lines. Track-wheeled buckets, excavators and line equipment were brought to the project to trek through the muddy countryside.

Wilson's environmental team was key in the direction and navigation of the site's uncompromising terrain. The use of ATVs, an Argo utility vehicle, and a hay spreader are a few of the tools they used for levee restoration, temporary erosion control, and permanent site restoration.