Western Area Power Administration

O’Banion – Elverta – Natomas 230kV Transmission Line, CA

Wilson constructed 34 miles of double-circuit 230kV transmission line in Sacramento, California, for Western Area Power Administration. Crews installed 171 monopole structures with davit arm design on pier foundations. Foundation crews poured over 12,000 cubic yards of concrete and installed the foundations in less than four months.

Wilson crews installed 954 vertical bundled conductor with two OPGW shield wires. The conductor and OPGW was installed during the Sacramento Valley’s rainy season. Wilson used over 2,000 heavy crane mats and two Wilson-owned MD 500E helicopters to complete work. Crews also removed five miles of existing conductor and lattice towers, and installed 18 embankments consisting of 23,000 cubic yards of select fill.

This high profile project was extremely environmentally sensitive and was completed without any environmental infractions.