Bonneville Power Administration

Big Eddy – Knight, WA – OR

The Big Eddy – Knight transmission project for Bonneville Power Administration spanned 29 miles from The Dalles, Oregon, to Goldendale, Washington. The work included 10 miles of double-circuit 500kV/230kV, 4 miles of double-circuit 500kV/345kV, and 15 miles of single circuit 500kV transmission line. One of the project's biggest challenges included a 4,700-foot double-circuit span across the Columbia River.


Born in 2011, the project crossed through US Forest Service land, state land overseen by the Department of Natural Resources, and the scenic Columbia River Gorge, taking 50 months and 375,000 labor hours to complete. In the end, Wilson installed more than 6,000 tons of lattice tower steel, 548 tower foundations, 405 miles of conductor, 59 miles of OHGW, 60 miles of ADSS fiber, and 3 miles of OPGW.