Isolux Corsan USA

Wind Energy 345kV Transmission Line, TX

Wilson strung 30 miles of single circuit bundle conductor, optical ground wire (OPGW) fiber, and overhead static wire (OHSW). Our exceptional performance and safety record on the project led to three more awarded projects, totaling an additional 33.4 miles of single circuit twin bundle conductor, 64.2 miles of OPGW fiber, and 25.6 miles of OHSW throughout the project.

Challenges arose toward the end of the project as a result of inclement weather and additional tower modifications that were required to be installed in short notice. Wilson crews adapted to changes in the scope and schedule, working through the winter holiday season. Battling freezing rain, snow and wind to overcome the challenges, the final segments were completed and the line was energized on January 29, 2014.

"In my experience, Wilson construction brought a team of professional employees dedicated to Safety before production. The work environment in West Texas brought wind, ice and dust to bear on our high energy/high risk operations. Wilson Construction managed this risk and adapted to the environment keeping safety the first value as expected. The work we have observed has been exemplary regarding HSE project planning, employee training, equipment inspection, aerial operations, boom trucks and cranes. Wilson Construction has executed ~70,000 man hours on our project without any work related injuries."

– Isolux HSE Manager